The Benefits of Bio Enzymes

The Bioman® contains a blend of enzymes that target the build-up of organic waste matter such as grease, fat, soap and detergents, hair, toilet paper, vegetable matter, and so on that build up in untreated drains, septic systems, grease traps, etc. The enzymes act just as they do in nature by breaking down and digesting this matter into smaller molecules which naturally occurring bacteria can then easily convert into mainly water and CO2, thus clearing the blocked drains. This also means that any nasty smells are completely removed!

Bio enzymes can be engineered in environments that bacteria can’t work. We avoid hazardous ingredients and all our products are environment-friendly and have do not affect human health.

Bioman® is biodegradable and in accordance to Indian Standards.
Does not contain phosphate, ammonia, butyl cell solvent, aerosols or acid.
Free of all known or suspected carcinogens.
Our septic tank safe, grey water safe, and black water safe.
Are manufactured under ethical sourcing guidelines.
Organic bio culture is imported from USA and is a unique enzyme for bio digester.

Bio Septic Tank