Ingeniously designed to work intelligently

Bioman® is a 3-stage treatment process. On contact, the bacteria in the system produces enzymes that break down stains, odours, dirt, scum and grime into particles that it can easily digest and convert into simple, chemical compounds found naturally in the environment. The bacteria will continue multiplying approximately every 15 minutes.

Stage 1:

Raw sewage enters the primary settlement tank to provide separation and breakdown of solids.

Stage 2:

The sewage, by gravity, passes through the effluent filter into the bio-filter media treatment unit where anaerobic digestion process begins. Bioman uses media with a large surface area that provides the perfect environment for necessary bacteria to grow. Since the media is inorganic, it doesn’t breakdown. Made with 100% recyclable material, the filter media needs to recharged or replaced every 10 years.

Stage 3:

Filtration before discharge via gravity means or pumped outlet.

How Does the Bioman® Purification Process Work?

Water first enters the primary pre-treatment chamber where organic and inorganic solids settle to the bottom and fats and other floating matter forms a scum layer on top of the liquid in the chamber.

A sludge layer builds up in the chamber and a biological process takes place i.e. anaerobic bacteria digest the sludge and break down some of the organic matter. Fluid is decanted from the pre-treatment chamber through a baffle or filter to eliminate the passage of grease and floating matter. Whenever liquid enters the pre-treatment chamber, waste water flows by gravity flow into the aeration chamber. In this chamber these bacteria form as a bio-film on the submerged media and float in the solution. Aerobic bacteria are far more efficient than their anaerobic counterparts and the effluent is converted into clean, clear water through aerobic digestion and oxidisation. Liquid from the aeration chamber flows into the clarifying chamber where the solution slows to enable any suspended particles to settle to the bottom.

Periodically the accumulated sludge is returned to the primary treatment chamber to ensure more complete digestion. This return process is automatic. Treated water now flows to the final irrigation area. Clean water is automatically discharged into the ground percolation system as designed capacity.

Why is Bioman® your life-saving Superman?

Bioman® sewage water treatment plants are highly efficient to perform under multiple loads and water flow conditions.

Many new buildings are occupied are in an increment manner that may take years to achieve full occupancy. Keeping this in mind the buildings should install a modular sewage Treatment plant by planning ahead occupancy.