Bio Septic Tank

Primary Chamber

Raw effluent enters the primary tank from the dwelling. The primary tank also receives organic bio culture activated digester from the storage tank, providing a stimulant for further breakdown of the effluent load. The capacity of the primary tank allows 24 hours of residence for effluent ensuring sufficient BOD reduction and anaerobic breakdown has occurred.

Secondary Chamber

Filtered effluent enters the anoxic chamber from the primary holding via gravity flow. This chamber acts as an additional septic, anaerobic zone to assist the further removal of nitrates.

Tritary Chamber

With a capacity of 1200L, effluent is further polished within the clarification chamber. This chamber is provided to remove settling and floatable solids passing through from the aerobic chamber. At this point clean water is automatically and silently discharged into the ground percolation system as designed capacity Land perculation system vary according to individual situations and are most commonly made up of soak pits dripper line but can also be in the form of surface sprinklers, subsurface irrigation, sand filters or other innovative systems. according to site conditions will decide this.